About Telos.AI

Telos.AI is a Silicon Valley technology company with British roots. It uses AI and gaming technologies to build new kinds of cognitive collaborative solutions in the cloud. Our flagship product is the Telos platform.

Telos.AI is motivated by problems that involve a high degree of human creativity and typically involve aesthetic or abstract thinking. Examples include how to visualize abstract concepts like “cashflow”. Our goal is to use cognitive computing to build solutions that amplify human creativity and productivity within the enterprise. We call this augmented creativity.

Core Team

Zak Golding


Zak is a recognized child prodigy who gave his first app demo at the prestigious Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) whilst only 11 years old and won an award from Samsung.

He created his first company (gaming server farm) at age 12 after an investment-in-kind (CPUs and motherboards) from the CEO of AMD.

He was admitted to the prestigious Stanford online high-school for gifted youth, but left early in order to pursue entrepreneurship.

He was the youngest ever applicant (16) to be accepted into the leading hacker bootcamp (Hack Reactor in SF) and went on to become their youngest instructor (17) and still holds many of the top spots for their hardest coding puzzles.

He is motivated by large scale problems and would like to one day build a hyperdrive to enable intergalactic travel.

Zak was an early Bitcoin investor and has worked on several blockchain related projects.He is a pianist and a jazz enthusiast, plus an avid follower of the UK Grime scene.

Ameena Golding


Ameena was one of the earliest non-US graduates from Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) which is an online high-school program for advanced students.

From there she was accepted into UC Berkeley’s Computer Science program where she has also conducted research for the Embodied Design Research Laboratory.

Her interests in AI include creative applications. She created AI lighting controllers for the world-renowed Symmetry Labs.

She has an interest in the philosophical implications of AI and her participation in an advanced graduate class during her sophomore year earned her a commendation from the legendary Professor Searle.

Ameena was also a member of the UC Berkeley blockchain community and has participated in various coding camps. She also taught Python as a teaching assistant.

She pitched her first app at the age of 13 at Barcelona’s famous Mobile World Congress, winning an award from Samsung with her brother Zak.

For artistic recreation, she was an illustrator for the Daily Cal and has acted on stage at the prestigious American Conservatory Theater.