Draw what you think...

Users of smart boards and online whiteboards struggle with how to draw a concept, like inventory, cashflow or compensation. Cogni-draw solves this problem by converting any business-related word or phrase into instant visual assets.

Cogni-draw suggests shapes and elements (we call them glyphs) as fast as a user can speak or type them, and uses AI to build a highly expressive library of search terms and match them to relevant graphics.

Sample visualization of 'inventory'

Natural Language Understanding

CogniDraw understands natural business phrases and idioms, like scalable or churn as used everyday.


Not only are all the visual glyphs in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, but the entire library continually scales to incorporate new concepts automatically.

Tracks language trends

Our proprietary NLP/NLU techniques track evolving use of business-related terms on the internet and related sources. Hence CogniDraw understands new and trending ideas, like growth hacking or ethereum.

AI curation

We use AI in multiple ways to augment the expressiveness of users. Every step of our workflow uses AI to curate the most comprehensive and accurate library possible. And it gets better with use.

Left-hand side what users typically write. Right-hand side expressed instantly using Cogni-draw search engine.

Designed for Real-time Visual Communications & Creativity

When faced with a whiteboard, most folks default to bullet points, like the items on the left of the picture.

We wanted to take whatever idea was on the user’s mind and convert that into a visual motif without the user having to think of what and how to draw the idea.

The motifs to the right of the dotted diagonal were produced by typing the phrases on the left into Cogni-draw. The user could have easily spoken them (via any compatible speech-recognition API). Our language models are highly expressive via a wide set of synonyms curated by AI.

AI-Optimized Creativity

You might be tempted to think all we’ve done is create a fancy clip-art library. But try searching any visual library for concepts like growth hacking, regulation or cutbacks.

Although we use world-class illustrators and curators to create expressive visual motifs, they cannot predict every phrase that a user might conceive, nor every meaning of a graphic. We use proprietary AI to predict similar or related phrases (and meanings) that a user might utter.

Output from our learning model that finds synonyms for existing tags.
Blockchain brainstorm sketch was created by real user in < 2 mins.