The big picture. Literally.

Telos lets you build visual maps of your work that you can share with anyone. Create living documentation that brings together real-time data with the tools you already love. Get everyone on the same page, and always up-to-date.

Too much information, too little explanation

We're spending 38% of our time chasing up co-workers and keeping track of apps, files, and meta-data in our heads. Projects are fast-moving, and documentation can't keep up. It turns out, the universal way of explaining what's in our heads is... a drawing.

While verbal communication tools for the workplace have evolved a lot, visual communication still hasn't caught up. Hands up if your phone is littered with photos of whiteboard drawings that become useless (if not totally illegible or lost in a message thread) the next week when some part of the project has changed? 🖐

So we wondered... what if we could draw digitally as easily as we whiteboard, but our drawings become living documentation that's always up to date, and fully integrated into our workflow?


Draw effortlessly

Let’s face it, most of us don’t know how to draw, so we end up with inexpressive boxes and arrows on a diagram. With Telos, you can start expressing yourself meaningfully, immediately.

  • AI drawing assistant, CogniDraw

    Our AI drawing assistant lets you express any word, concept or phrase as a glyph on the canvas.

  • Unparalled visual expression

    Cognidraw learns over time, from users and the internet. It can even suggest the next glyph to use in your drawing.



Easily include real assets in your drawing

Connect the pixels you draw to real and virtual objects, including data. No more inert pixels, draw with the real objects.

  • Pre-built widgets

    Make your diagram talk to other services, and even send events like team updates to Slack.

  • API-enabled

    The Telos API allows you to integrate a wide variety of data sources and apps you already use, like Box, Airtable, Github, GSuite, and Salesforce.



Self-updating drawings

No stale powerpoints and out-of-date Confluence pages. Telos views are living documentation that update in real-time to reflect the current state of your project.

  • Enterprise-aware

    See your diagrams change in real-time when an event in the enterprise occurs. No more worrying about information getting out of date.

  • Freeform dashboarding

    Build “dashboard” style drawings with the information that is key to your work, with our API.

Get questions answered and eliminate tribal knowledge

Telos can act like a wiki and FAQ, but with the power of a real-time dashboard so you always have the most up-to-date information. No more outdated documentation, chasing people up on Slack, or being asked the same questions day-in and day-out. Now everyone's got the bird's eye view 🐦

A powerful platform,
presented beautifully

We hate bloatware. In Telos, there’s no complicated toolbars or endless features.

No distractions

Telos hides away the peripheral elements as you work, letting you focus on getting your ideas down.

Seamless drawing experience

We focused on building a tool that’s intuitive, and doesn’t require experience with design tools.

Power tools for the power user

Telos supports Markdown in notes and hotkeys to keep you in the zone as you create.

Explain Anything

And integrate the following apps you love (and more!) right there in the canvas

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Powered by AI and gaming technologies

Telescopic OS

See into the knowledge world using search and then “teleport” anywhere.

CogniDraw Rendering

Translates any business term or phrase into highly expressive visual metaphors.


Every element in a TelOS diagram is a “smart agent” (we call them Oracles).

Natural Language

TelOS is designed from the ground-up to enable natural language understanding (NLU).

Mixed Reality

Telos is AR/VR, blockchain and even IoT-ready.